“All successful people, regardless of their field of expertise, demonstrate the right brain ability, to succeed in their chosen profession.

You need skills to succeed, not just certificates. Most people die with the music still in them.Every child has a full potential to be a genius. Everyone can lead a successful & happy, life, if he gets the practical education, training, right direction, and a supporting environment.According to the scientist’s reviews, man only incorporates 4-10% of his total brain capacity throughout his life, whereas genius & scientists use 11-14% of their brain capacity. That means 86% still remain unused.

 To understand this, let’s first understand the anatomy & physiology of our brain. We have 2 hemispheres of brain: left brain & right brain. Present education system focuses only on the “Left Brain” development, without exploring its counter half, right brain. Throughout 16 years of education, our education system focuses only to train our left brain, which leaves us with the basic ability to earn our living and to accumulate comforts. However few genius & scientists are naturally blessed with their fully developed both halves of the brain, by birth. And few others just happen to recognize their inner genius through some incidence & get their right brain activated. They create master-piece, in whatever they do. And the masses are left at the mercy of luck to struggle throughout their lives just to meet their basic needs and to accumulate money & comforts. But science believes that every child has full potential to be a genius.

Midbrain Activation technique equips everyone with the asset of using his right brain optimally along with the left brain. It helps in recognizing and discovering their inner genius and cultivates their potential to the highest possible level and drives them to succeed not only in their academic, but also in their chosen profession.  The science behind the midbrain Activation is the Japanese technique of optimizing the function of our midbrain, which is the bridge between the left & right brain. Having this bridge activated allows the flow of information between the left & the right brain, which leads to more productivity & efficiency in learning & absorbing information. Japanese Prof. Makoto Shichida (a Nobel Prize winner) has developed this technique after researching it over a period of 40 years. Now this technique of right brain activation is widely being used in Singapore, Japan, Europe, Malaysia, and USA. It was introduced in India in 2014 and since then it has widely been covered in news channels. He studied more than 10,000 children & wrote more than 250 books & created 450 centers in Japan to carry out his work.

Pineal Gland In human body, it is the pituitary gland that regulates the hormone secretions & this function has to be awakened. For this, it is necessary to activate the neighboring “Pineal Gland”. The pineal body secretes two hormones: Melatonin & Serotonin. The secretion of Melatonin increases in the dark & decreases when it is bright. Serotonin is believed to increase the intelligence of the right brain. Since the Midbrain is responsible for communication with the left & right hemispheres of the brain, the process of activating the Midbrain will result in better communication with the left & the right hemispheres and removes the polarization of working with left brain only. Till the age of 6, it is naturally activate, hence it is too early for a child to train for worldly things. When puberty arrives, melatonin production is reduced. And by 17th year of age, the inner layer of pineal gland gets hardened (i.e. calcified). So the ideal age for getting your Midbrain Activated is 6 - 17 years.

Activating Pineal Gland When you are extremely peaceful, the pineal gland gets activated. Following practices helps you to activate & decalcify pineal gland.

  1. Learning new things
  2. Meditation
  3. Tratak asana
  4. Mantra Chanting (THOT, MAY)
  5. Pranayam (Nadi-Shodhan, Bhramri)
  6. Get involved in Painting, Sketching, Dancing, Playing Musical Instrument etc.
  7. Keep radiations to the minimum (TV, Mobile, Tabs etc.)
  8. Food: Avoid fluoride based items, take iodine supplement, Eat organic food.
  9. Keep yourself free from negative emotions :-
    • Don't keep grudges
    • Be optimistic (give positive autosuggestions)
    • Love someone deeply
    • Do something to feel happy