FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How Midbrain workshop is conducted?

In this 6 hours workshop, we make a child play Games, Song, Music, Quiz & Dance. This workshop is filled with fun, happiness & activities. After 3 hours, we make him relax & play a special kind of music for 1 hour. When this music is over, the child is able to see the colour of balls & read flash-cards blindfold (with his eyes closed). This indicates that his MidBrain has got activated.

There are neither religious nor spiritual activities during the activation - it is totally natural and scientific. No medication is used. The class is filled with fun & happiness. That is why many children love to repeat the course.

Q: Is there any ill effects on Brain?

No, because the modalities used in the activation of midbrain has no side effects. It has been existing in India for the last 2 years and in Japan & other countries for the last 10 years. And no one has reported any ill effects as yet.

There are only advantages of this course.

Q: Can parents sit in the classroom?

Parents can only see their kids from a distance. We do not allow any parent to sit in the classroom. It is mainly because of two reasons. First, other students will get conscious in the presence of parents. Secondly we have copyright on the intellectual property of this program and we do not want to get it leaked anyhow.

Q: Are the results guaranted?

We give 100% money back guarantee. However, no two individuals are same. Even 2 kids from the same family show different results.  So some students gets activated in 1 week & some takes 3 months to get activated.

Everyone gets activated but the time of activation may vary from child to child.

Q: How much practice is required?

You must send your child atleast for 3 month period for stabilization, and during this time the child should practice more & more for better results.

Activation happens in stages.

In level-1, he is able to see the colours by touching, smelling or hearing.  (Balls, Baloons etc.)

In level-2, he is able to read big alphabets. (Flash cards, Newspaper headlines etc.)

In level-3, he is able to read small alphabets. (Books, newspaper, mobile, laptop etc.)

In level-4, he is able to sense the objects with a distance of 3-4 feet. (play chess, caram, cycling, games)

In level-5, he is able to see beyond his vision. (At his back etc.)

Along with blindfold activities, his learning abilities, grasping power, concentration & focus will keep on increasing.  And after 3-4 months, you can see improvement in his grades also. Anyhow, if you feel, results have faded out, you can send your child to repeat the class free of cost.

After all a happy heart & enhanced mind is your ward destination. 

Q: What is the ideal age for activation?

Children between the age group 7-14 years are ideal for midbrain activation.

However adult activation is also possible for 16-40 years of age group, however we do not guarantee the duration. It may go upto 6 months also. The more you practice, the faster will be the results. 

Q: Why are the children blindfolded?

The initial purpose of blindfolding is to enhance the concentration of the child. We try to achieve this by disabling the sense of sight, which everyone heavily depend on.  Blindfolding also helps to sharpen other senses like touch, smell & listening. It also helps to activate the frequency sensing center of the brain.

Q: My child is highly talented. Why should he?

Scientific research has proven that any person, even as intelligent as Albert Einstein, has not used his brain more than 14%.

All successful people displayed their outstanding expertiese in their chosen profession, owing to their right brain power only.

This course is designed to explore the full potential power of a child and can transform child with average intelligence into highly intelligent individual, and highly inteligent child into outstanding kid.

We do not compare your child with other children. rather we see what maximum height your child can attain, if his right brain gets harnessed to its fullest extent. E.g. your child might have a capacity to be a 1000 Watt bulb, but he might be shining at 400 Watt, which seems to be outshining than others. That does not mean that he should not be challenged to use rest of the 600 Watts.

This workshop aims not only at improving the IQ level of child, but also his EQ, CQ, SQ. It also helps a child to achieve emotional balance.

That is why every child should undergo this training as in Japan.

Is it same as Third Eye activation?

Yes, in general we may call it as 3rd eye activation. However scientifically there is no avidence of being a 3rd eye, as a physical organ. So the pineal gland itself is reffered to as 3rd eye. 

Q: My child has not improved in studies?

According to the scientific research, the memory increases by one million times after this course.  A child should have shown improvement in studies because of this increased memory, concentration & grasping power.

However, if a child is not interested in studies, no one can make him study. As you can bring a horse to the water, but you cannot make him drink, unless he feels like.

Now it is the duty of the parents to find other motivations to make him interested in studies.  He is equpped with the skills. 

For your information, there are 8 types of intelligence that every child is born with.  He might be using his increased capabilities in some other areas of his interest.  The duty of the parent is to discover that and to facilitate him to achieve genius in that particular field.